Celebs summoned over food supplement claims

Celebs summoned over food supplement claims

Acting duo may confront police questions over bodyweight- loss advertisements

Celebs summoned over food supplement claims
Boromvudh” Mick” Hiranyasthiti and Pornchita” Benz” Na Songkhla, the couple’s famous partners, are accused of fabricating information for their meal supplement products. ( Photo: MickBenz Channel )

Boromvudh” Mick” Hiranyasthiti and his artist family Pornchita” Benz” Na Songkhla have been summonsed by police to answer their accusations of producing inflated advertising for their food supplement products.

The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) requested an opinion regarding the celebrity couple’s advertisements for a supplement that they claimed could help lose 14 kilograms. According to reports, the FDA declared that making such claims would amount to an inflated ad.

According to a police cause, the pair have been requested to look at the CPPD office in Bangkok’s Chatuchak city on June 17.

They are accused of breaking Parts 40 and 41 of the 1979 Food Act, which forbids false advertisements of a food product’s quality, significance, or intended uses. The crime carries a fine of up to 5, 000 baht.

Earlier, Atchariya Reuangrattanapong, president of the Support Crime Victims Club, filed a complaint with customer safety authorities about the bodyweight- loss claim the couple had made. Such misleading ads were in violation of Sections 40 and 41 of the 1979 Food Act, he said.