Worried China nationals in Singapore queue to send Panadol to relatives back home

Another woman from Shanghai, who did not want to be called, was shopping in the Watsons pharmacy in People’s Park Complicated, after making enquiries at Shun Xing and other couriers within the building.

She was considering sending medicine with her relatives in these “extraordinary times”, but was concerned her packages would be confiscated at Chinese language customs.

The woman teared up while recounting that several of her elderly loved ones in China, who were unvaccinated and in their particular 80s and 90s, had recently retrieved from COVID-19.

Watsons outlets both in People’s Park Complicated and Chinatown Stage were out of Panadol – except for the particular menstrual as well as muscle mass and joint types – when CNA checked on Wednesday afternoon.

Staff at each outlets said that they had observed many Chinese language people buying Panadol in recent days. Both outlets have never put in place any purchasing limits.

An employee at the Householder’s Park Complex wall socket said that when new stock of Panadol arrived on Wednesday, it sold out within half an hour.

Nurofen, a brand name with regard to ibuprofen, also sold-out, she said.

But at the Necessities Pharmacy in nearby People’s Park Center, several boxes of Panadol were still on the shelves, even though a staff member said stock was also operating low.