Women in abusive marriages: How to spot the red flags and what to do next

Women in abusive marriages: How to spot the red flags and what to do next

Here are the signs of mistreatment that women should be aware of:

  • Spoken abuse. A sign of verbal misuse, said Naidu, could be when a partner makes disrespectful or demeaning remarks about their spouse, whether within private or in the company of others. For example , disparaging a person’s intelligence, belittling them, or saying something insensitive plus hurtful.
  • Emotional or psychological misuse. Early indicators can come in the form associated with controlling behaviour, stated Naidu, such as limiting your access to close friends or family members, or even needing to know your own whereabouts at all times. It also includes dictating your own schedule or financial situation.  

Sometimes, emotional abuse comes in the shape of incessant texting, said Dr Suntan. “This contributes to the breakdown of the moms mental wellbeing. ” The women are usually taken and miserable, plus refuse to talk about their own family life.

Other forms, such as gaslighting and manipulation, may be harder to spot, mentioned Dr Tan. “They are often told and believe that it’s their own fault and they caused the anger, or even that they are fated to get ‘such a life’, ” she additional.  

  • Physical abuse. Outright aggression contains threatening or physically harming someone, like slapping, shoving, hitting, or throwing objects or personal possessions at or across the victim, said Naidu.  

“It may also include shouting or even yelling at somebody, banging on dining tables or punching wall space – anything that leads to alarm or fright to someone within the room. ”

The aggression can also be subtle, for example , itching or pinching an individual to display unhappiness, stated Naidu. “Even when the aggression is not provided to you (it could be your children or another member of the family in the home), it creates an environment of irritation and fear as you become afraid of the actual might do whenever they get triggered. ”

  • Economic abuse. This happens when the husband withholds financial support for the woman, or the female and her children, who are dependent on your pet, said Lim. For instance , a woman having to hold down two work to raise her kids without any financial plus emotional support from her spouse.  


The first step would be to tell trusted members of the family and friends personally, said Naidu. Inform them you want to speak about some thing important, and share freely about the marriage – including what your spouse has done to you verbally or physically, and how those actions made you feel.  

This is so that they know about your situation, and can help or step in if necessary. Your loved ones can also provide you with much needed emotional release and support, and many importantly, make you feel less alienated and alone, Naidu said.