Women are more sleep deprived than men and it’s affecting their heart health

Women are more sleep deprived than men and it’s affecting their heart health

Although research is still being done on how chiropractic care can affect heart health, it is thought that the practice relieves pressure on the entire body, including the heart, by acting as an implicit effect.

To begin, Tho advised getting a mattress that “promotes proper spinal alignment and provides gentle, but vital support for the head and neck for the entire night’s sleep.” This, he explained, can help calm the system and help you fall – and be – sleep

He also suggested trying out two easy tasks before bed:

1. Horizontal Handstand Lion Stretch

Imagine your hands and feet tug-of-war, which is ideal for reducing stress and tension along the neck.

Step 1: Press your elbows directly against the ceiling or headboard while lying on your back. You do n’t need a pillow for this. &nbsp,

Stage 2: At the same time, push your heels down towards the bed, away from your body. Instead of bending your arms up to your ears, keep them down to make size in your arms and neck. Avoid over-arching your back.

Step 3: Remain in this “horizontal handstand” for 10- 20 seconds, then transfer the position, take your arms down to your sides and taking some simple breaths. Do this bend three days.

2. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Step 1: Tensing the muscle in your fingers for a few seconds, curling them downwards for a few seconds, and then releasing them as you lie on the bed. Exhale while relaxing and breath while contracting your muscle. Tho remarked,” Feel the tension develop as you tighten your feet and feel the tension melt as you release the contracted biceps.”

Phase 2: Repeat this process, working your way upwards – ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, abdomen, again, chest, arms, hands, shoulders, neck, face and neck.

Step 3: As you fall asleep, take a few more deep, slow breaths to maintain this state of relaxation.