Woman dies in Pattaya condo fall

Woman dies in Pattaya condo fall

Woman dies in Pattaya condo fall
Police, criminal officers and rescue personnel inspect the body of a person found at the base of a property in Pattaya, Chon Buri, in the first days of Saturday. ( Reported from TV Channel 7 )

A person of mysterious citizenship died early on Saturday when she fell from her place on the 25th floor of a condo in Pattaya.

This beach community in Chon Buri state has experienced five fatal falls in the past.

Police said the girl, aged around 30 to 40 years older, was wearing a colored T- shirt and shorts and was found dead in a lake of blood on the ground at the base&nbsp, of the 27- floor building near Pattaya beach. A security guard at the tower reported the incident to the police at 3.36am.

The security guard claimed to have witnessed a woman lying on the ground and that, upon closer examination, he eventually learned that she was dying.

Soldiers were looking through security camera footage and video to determine the woman’s cause of the incident while the girl was being identified. Authorities believed she fell from her chamber.

In Pattaya this month, there have been four prior incidents where people have fallen to their murders.

They include a 23-year-old Thai man who fell from a resort on June 1, a 38-year-old Russian man who fell from a property on June 3, an American male, 43, who fell from a resort balcony on June 4, and a 57-year-old European man who fell from a resort on June 5.