PAP to set up climate action, mental health groups to address issues that ‘cut across’ demographics: PM Wong

PAP to set up climate action, mental health groups to address issues that ‘cut across’ demographics: PM Wong


Mr. Wong added that the PAP will also aim to improve communication with Singaporeans in addition to engaging the community on a wider range of issues. &nbsp,

He said that as a political party, the PAP needs to have productive communication channels, and” we must accomplish better”. &nbsp,

” Clearly, people think we can do better in contacts”, he said. &nbsp,

Some connections must be made face-to-face, such as through routine walkabouts. &nbsp,

” This has been the group’s conventional way of mentoring and conversation, and we must proceed with this and keep this strength”, he added. &nbsp,

But more needs to be done over electric streams, to intensify reach, he said. The group has updated our existing programmes like Facebook and Instagram, as well as launching fresh programs like YouTube, TikTok and WhatsApp. &nbsp,

The group email, Petir, has also been updated so it can be accessed through online means, and not just printed.

” Through these efforts, I hope Singaporeans get a better understanding of the PAP, as well as our officials and MPs, what they stand for, what we stand for, and why we do what we do for Singaporeans”, he said. &nbsp,

He added that he also wants to hear how the group you better serve Singaporeans from them directly. &nbsp,

” I, too, will try to do more and do it much”, he said.

To that end, he pledged to satisfy the advertising more often to describe certain policies, make use of more social media platforms, and perform more visits on the ground.

Additionally, Mr. Wong added that the PAP will continue to be accessible to those who want to meet. &nbsp,

Beyond the group protesters ‘ core group, there is a more extensive network known as the Friends of PAP system. &nbsp,

” We want to increase this system of PAP buddies and partners”, he said. ” Whether you are a corporate organisation, a social service organisation, or as an individual, if you have new ideas, or just want to lend a hand … we welcome you to join us” .&nbsp,

Mr. Wong added that the political climate in Singapore is evolving, and he does not believe that the PAP may formally form the new state. &nbsp,

” But for now we are the state of the day”, he said.

It is therefore our job as a celebration to map out how we can advance Singapore, how we can build a strong partnership with Singaporeans, and how to persuade them that PAP is the right person to lead this nation.