Wissanu set to take on new role on Thursday

Wissanu set to take on new role on Thursday

Wissanu set to take on new role on Thursday
Wissanu Krea, a previous deputy prime minister, is a- ngam

According to a cause, former deputy prime minister Wissanu Krea-ngam, who has been appointed as an assistant to the Cabinet to assist with the president’s legal matters, is scheduled to start working on Thursday.

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, likewise wants Mr. Wissanu to attend the cabinet meeting on Tuesday for the first time.

Following Mr. Srettha’s discovery on Monday that he had spoken to Mr. Wissanu to recommend the cabinet, Mr. Wissanu confirmed the following day that Mr. Srettha had name him to fill the position.

But, no official announcement had been made as of media time on Wednesday.

Mr. Wissanu was filmed giving a speech at a Sunday event held at Thammasat University in a video tape that went viral on Wednesday&nbsp cultural advertising.

Mr. Wissanu once recounted a more sad tale of his 13-year tenure as deputy prime minister.

Mr. Wissanu said he has a liver problem and needs treatment every day, which lasts typically for 10 hours. In a comment on his health, Mr. Wissanu said he has a liver problem.

He said he will need this treatment for the rest of his existence unless he receives a donated life kidney in a graft, adding that his past health prevents him from working into the evening as he once did.

Mr. Wissanu claimed that because of his mental health, the most recent request for assistance was costly, which he believed he could evade because his condition is such a confounding one.

He said,” I have already experienced this kind of scenario seven days, and I am now dealing with the ninth problem, which I am trying to avoid and believe I was still prevent because I have a health issue.”

Mr. Wissanu, an artist, previously wrote a book called Life That Is Like a Sea and Beach, where the water refers to the social circle and the shore, a beach, a civil servant’s life.

When the water rises, the shore is nowhere to be seen, and when the liquid recedes, the shore reemerges, stretching long and wide, said Mr Wissanu, adding he learned the simile from former prime minister Thanin Kraivichien, who predicted his living would become like the shore in this tale.