Good news for Boong”s kin

Good news for Boong"s kin

Good news for Boong's kin
Netiporn Sanesangkhom ( Photo: Thai Lawyers for Human Rights Center )

According to the House committee on constitutional politics, the Medical Correctional Institute (MCI) does release images of Netiporn” Boong” Sanesangkhom’s care if the late blogger’s family expressly requests it.

The commission asked the hospital to explain the procedure for granting the images on Wednesday. Netiporn was treated for conditions related to her hunger strike at Thammasat University Hospital before she was transferred back to the MCI, where she later died, at the Department of Corrections ( DOC ) and the University of Thammasat, where she was also present.

Netiporn staged a hunger strike to demand the release of prisoners without condition pending faith. Kamolsak Leewamoh, chairman of the House Committee on Legal Affairs, Justice, and Human Rights, said people asked about the concern which her family encountered in obtaining from the MCI images of Netiporn’s care due to her dying.

The Justice Ministry had approved the launch of the images, but according to the MCI, limits still apply to who can get for data after a closer examination of the rules.

According to Mr. Kamolsak, the committee suggested Netiporn’s mother use her legal rights to access the footage by requesting access to it through a lawyer. According to the committee chairman, the DoC stated to the meeting that if access was properly requested, it would be prepared to provide the footage to dispel any doubts about how she was treated.

According to Thai Lawyers for Human Rights ( TLHR ), which represented the late activist, earlier, the DoC cited national security as the reason for refusing to release CCTV footage from the morning Netiporn died.

The DoC initially stated that it was concerned that the release of the images might violate the privacy of the medical professionals being examined.