Wissanu keen to check on PM”s defence

Wissanu keen to check on PM"s defence

Wissanu keen to check on PM's defence
Wissanu Krea- ngam

The first process of Wissanu Krea-ngam, Srettha Thavisin’s recently appointed assistant, will be to review the specifics of the PM’s defense in a case involving Pichit Chuenban’s appointment as the PM’s Office minister.

Speaking before attending Tuesday’s government conference, Mr Wissanu said he serves as the PM’s director so he was allowed to attend.

He had just been appointed to the part of a conference chair for the Srettha administration for the first time.

” There is nothing to be excited about. Mr. Wissanu stated,” I have worked at Government House for more than 30 times. He confirmed that he had been assigned to review the PM’s legal defenses.

According to Mr. Wissanu, a constitutional analyst, the Council of State, the government’s legitimate shoulder, and the cabinet secretariat will provide him the review of the defense for evaluation before it is submitted to the Constitutional Court by June 8.

When asked if the PM was able to win the case, Mr. Wissanu replied,” I ca n’t say that he will undoubtedly lose. I do n’t see the details of the defence yet”.

Quizzed on why he decided to help with the president’s job despite his health issues, Mr Wissanu admitted he gave the matter major consideration.

” I initially thought I may assist the PM.” That ought to not endanger my wellness in any way. The country should n’t suffer as a result… I am only an normal director”, he said.

” I believe one is required to assist the government in resolving the country’s issues and to assist the government in addressing some problems.

It resembles a deputy prime minister’s punishment to an assistant. But I do n’t seek fame or fortune,” Mr Wissanu said.

Given that he was a former cabinet minister from the Prayut Chan- o gan state, he brushed away a statement that his visit had received opposition from some Pheu Thai MPs. I am no worried. If opposition intensifies, I will merely stop, “he said.

Despite the fact that his enrollment was in dispute, the Constitutional Court on May 23 accepted a complaint from 40 caregiver lawmakers asking for Mr. Srettha’s resignation in light of Pichit’s session. The courts ordered Mr. Srettha to provide an argument within 15 days.

Recently, the 40 caregiver lawmakers asked the court if both should be removed from office.