Wife arrested, husband survived shooting then died mysteriously

Wife arrested, husband survived shooting then died mysteriously

Gunman- for- use death conspiracy alleged

Wife arrested, husband survived shooting then died mysteriously
Wannipa Hamala, 37, left and her late father Pichit Kleepchinda, 44. ( Photo from his Facebook account )

A person was detained in Bangkok on Monday over an alleged killer-for-hire plot involving her father, who passed away in Maha Sarakham in April in mysterious circumstances.

According to police, just weeks before his death from “natural reasons,” he had survived a gunman’s attempt on his life in Bangkok, according to the authorities.

Wannipa Hamala, 37, was detained at her home in the Ram Intra neighborhood and charged with murder plot and hiring a hunter.

It followed a policeman investigation into the death of her father, Pichit Kleepchinda, a 44- year- ancient business, and the circumstances leading up to it.

Midway through April, Pichit passed away at the Maha Sarakham home home. On April 8 he had been shot at in Bangkok’s Wang Thong Lang city. His death license stated that he had died naturally. His girlfriend called the police after she suspected bad play.

Police on Monday also arrested two gentlemen, identified only as Sarote and Weerapat, in connection with the April 8 firing. Both were accused of conspiring to commit murder and possessing a weapon without permission.

Mr. Sarote is alleged to have purchased the shooter, the motorcycle, and the vehicle used in the attack. The bike that the shooter rode on was driven by Mr. Weerapat. A third think, named just as Nattapol, is the alleged shooter. He remans at significant.

The Criminal Court issued permits for their imprisonment on June 2 for their alleged role in the attempted murder of Pichit, the person’s partner.

Police claimed to have found proof that supported the allegations against all four defendants, including a funds transfer from Ms. Wannipa to the alleged shooter.

According to the authorities, Ms. Wannipa and her husband had heated arguments on numerous times over his reported marriage. Often the quarrels ended in crime.

The three men were contacted by investigators via a chat program in late March after they learned that Ms. Wannipa was using an online application to look for a shooter for hire.

Their conversations reportedly included discussing hiring a hitman, how to use a firearm, how to recognize the goal, and a potential location for the attack. Additionally, they agreed to meet on April 1.

Mr Wannipa transferred a full of 45, 000 ringgit to the alleged shooter from&nbsp, April 1- 7 as an advance payment, and 33, 000 ringgit to Mr Sarot on April 6 for procuring a firearm and a car, according to authorities. &nbsp,

She therefore requested that her father join her on April 8 at a restaurant in Bangkok’s Ram Intra neighborhood to show her where they were targeted. Pichit was shot at that day, but escaped uninjured.

After learning that the suspects planned to visit Maha Sarakham, where the victim after passed away, the officers opened their research.

However, Mr Weerapat, who drove the motorcycles on April 8, said in a press interview that when he was hired he was aware he was driving a shooter, until the assault occurred.

He said he was paid 4, 000 ringgit to travel around &nbsp, a man who said he was looking for his sweetheart, and that he tried to drive aside as the assailant was about to pull the trigger. The shots&nbsp, missed.