What’s the fiery story behind devil’s curry? A Eurasian feast at Quentin’s including sugee cake

What’s the fiery story behind devil’s curry? A Eurasian feast at Quentin's including sugee cake

” Every home will have their own collection of dishes, and this is my mother’s. Because we use a lot of fresh and dried peppers, peppers play a significant role, according to Chef Quentin. Making certain the temperature and flavor are balanced for the guests is often challenging, but Chef Quentin added extra red chilli to the dish at my request for something more spicy.

Grandma’s recipe called for a rempah ( spice paste ) fried with aromatics including red chillies, shallots and ginger. This was added to seasoned chicken wings and chopsticks, along with the ham, sausages, broccoli, cucumber and potato.

The brilliant red curry debal ( S$ 32.80 ) was served smoking hot and was lifted with lashings of white vinegar. White rice ( S$ 2.80 ) and half a baguette ( S$ 5) were a must for sopping up the fiery gravy.

Chef Quentin’s cake debal, with its lemony wine border and trifecta of smoky, fats, spicy protein was dynamite. It was Asian culture that was thoughtfully displayed on a serving dish to me. where East and West converged, where Christmas meat and fragrant spices mash together to create a distinctive but well-known flavor. Although it was a departure from the Chinese and Nyonya curries I was a child, it also gave me comfort and a sense of home.

Evaluations are unavoidable, so I ventured to question Bridget: How did Chef Quentin’s recipe debal estimate up to her mother’s?

” It is different, but I enjoy the differences. because each household produces” the best” cake debal. Do n’t ever argue with any family”! she replied with laughter.