‘We will lead in our own way’: Lawrence Wong takes office as fourth Prime Minister of Singapore

'We will lead in our own way': Lawrence Wong takes office as fourth Prime Minister of Singapore

Mr. Wong, his deputies Mr. Gan Kim Yong and Mr. Heng Swee Keat were likewise sworn in.

The different Ministers, the nine Top Ministers of State, and the five Ministers of State, were likewise present, along with the two Senior Ministers, Mr. Lee and Mr. Teo Chee Hean. On May 24, a distinct program will take the oath of office for top legislative secretary.


Mr. Wong stated in his statement that the attitude that will guide his team is to seek out rational compromises and to find as many common ground as possible between areas, with respect and mutual trust.

” This is how we may continue to evolve and develop our Singapore identity”, he said.

” It’s not about adding, but always about adding. It’s not about outsourcing, but usually about expanding”.

This social yearning for unification saw the region through the COVID- 19 pandemic, which was the issue of our era, said Mr Wong.

The high level of trust Singapore have in each other and their ability to work well together, according to the new Prime Minister.

Singapore has always been a different country with some races, religions and language, and more so now than before, he said.

” But we’ve strengthened our securities as one people. We have achieved this hardly by denying our distinctions, but by embracing them.

” We have ensured that every neighborhood, every church and every language party, big or small, feels included, respected and valued.”

When problems arise between populations from time to time, the distinctions between the parties are accepted, rather of enhanced, said Mr Wong.

ON THE Arms OF Giant

Paying gift to the previous generations of officials, Mr Wong said:” As we write the subsequent chapters, we are not starting from scratch. We stand on the arms of giant.”

While Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his team nurtured a friendlier and gentler culture, Mr. Wong praised the country’s earliest Prime Minister and his team for leading the country to democracy and setting the foundational columns of leadership.