Singapore is in good hands, says President Tharman as Lawrence Wong becomes new Prime Minister

Singapore is in good hands, says President Tharman as Lawrence Wong becomes new Prime Minister

Since 2004, Mr. Lee has been in office. On Wednesday, he was sworn in as Senior Minister.

The President stated that he has complete trust in Mr. Wong’s ability to lead the country.  

He may have his own personality, have his own method of achieving discussion, and determine what will work best for the country. And he will undoubtedly do it to his personal rhythm and beat. ”

Mr. Wong is assuming the role of Singapore’s president in a time of intense power struggles and a deteriorating international order, according to Mr. Tharman.  

However, he claimed that the Prime Minister and his team, which includes fourth-generation, or 4G, leaders, are in a good position to protect the nation’s national interests and promote regional unity within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ( ASEAN ).

He highlighted Mr Wong’s role in shaping Singapore’s financial, fiscal and social laws and his work to advance the interests of employees.

“As co-chair of the COVID-19 work army, he was quiet and decisive under pressure. And on the international stage, he holds his own with foreign officials. ”

Mr. Tharman also noted that Mr. Wong and the 4G squad have outlined their Forward SG roadmap and want to update Singapore’s social contract.

In conjunction with the Forward SG training, over 200,000 Singaporeans participated in dialogues and wedding classes to discuss topics ranging from career to age.

The practice, which began in June 2022 and continued for 16 times, was led by Mr Wong and another 4G officials.

As our world continues to evolve and people have more different views and objectives, they will have to find innovative ways to enhance our links as other Singaporeans. ”

He said that Mr. Wong was” first and foremost a listener.”

“Those who have worked with Mr Wong, in state and in the group, know that he brings his own bundle of views, life experiences and knowledge. ”

Mr. Tharman stated that he has had sincere personal conversations with Mr. Lee in the last eight weeks and that he is working with the Prime Minister and his government.

We have shared knowledge of our individual responsibilities and roles in Singapore’s system of governance. I look forward to keeping this fruitful and close connection with Mr. Wong. ”


The President also expressed gratitude to Mr. Lee for his decades of leadership as prime minister of Singapore and for his assistance to Singapore.

“ In 2004, when Mr Lee was sworn in, he promised to’be a Prime Minister for all Singaporeans’, and to leave no one behind. He delivered on this assurance, ” said Mr Tharman.

Singapore’s market has changed, with great jobs in all sectors and significantly higher real incomes across the labor. ”

He continued, noting that Singapore has expanded its support for marginalized parties.

“Mr Lee likewise kept the inhabitants ’s spirits alive through the global financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, the main problems that divided some other cultures.

And he led us through contentious issues like the elimination of S377A, fostering mutual respect, and preserving cohesion. ”