‘We don’t buy it’: Student activists protest ExxonMobil’s role in S$60m low-carbon research lab at NTU

'We don't buy it': Student activists protest ExxonMobil's role in S$60m low-carbon research lab at NTU

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Given ExxonMobil’s bad ecological track record, which included reversing a much-publicized investment in algae renewables and blocking owners ‘ climate ideas, NTUDivest wrote in an Instagram post on May 12. &nbsp,

In its post, NTUDivest wrote: &nbsp,” From climate breakdown to toxic environmental pollution, ExxonMobil is no stranger to downplaying their effects” .&nbsp,

It added that one of the most infamous big oil companies would have the least influence on funding of Singapore’s fresh energy transition.

In an emailed response&nbsp, on Sunday ( May 26 ) to TODAY’s queries, NTUDivest said that it was protesting to “ensure that the outcome of this expensive partnership creates positive social and environmental benefits and ( is ) not a greenwashing project”.


University stated in an emailed response to TODAY last week that the new facility is” an essential platform bringing together researchers from academia and industry to translate information into solutions that will benefit community by supporting the clean energy transition and different areas of sustainability.”

The university continued,” Working to create low-carbon solutions with industrial partners is exactly the kind of approach that is envisaged in NTU’s 2025 strategic plan.”

Additionally, it stated that as research programs develop, the lab will “determine its approach to assessing the impact of new technologies.”

Separately, ExxonMobil stated last week to TODAY that its role in the lab was to aid in the industry’s adoption of new technologies.

According to the report,” to support growing populations and rising standards of living, governments and industry will have to find ways to meet that demand.” &nbsp,

” An energy transition is underway, but it is not yet happening at the scale or on the timetable required to achieve society’s net- zero ambitions”.

Thus, the company added that it has taken on an” all- of- the- above- approach” mindset, which includes meeting global energy demands while finding solutions for the energy transition through collaboration.

A*Star’s mission, according to TODAY, is to “accelerate the translation of research into practical solutions” and “help our partners track and reduce their carbon emissions.”