Warning shots from South as NK soldiers cross border

Warning shots from South as NK soldiers cross border

Seoul’s military reported on Tuesday that North Korean soldiers shot warning shots after North Korean troops accidentally crossed the border.

The Demilitarized Zone ( DMZ) incident on Sunday comes at a time when tensions between Korea and Korea are growing.

A small group of North Korean soldiers carrying field tools including pickaxes entered South Korea at 12: 30 local time ( 05: 30 GMT ), Seoul’s military said. At the time, they were one of 20 people who lived in the borders.

They retreated right away after the South Koreans issued the caution shots.

In recent months, the North has flown thousands of trash-filled balloons to southern border towns.

Seoul has responded by using headphones to broadcast K-pop song and advertising to the North. Additionally, North Korean activists have gone advertising balloons.

After its army retreated on Sunday, there was no significant activity from the North in the DMZ, according to Seoul’s defense.

” Inside]the border area ] the vegetation is overgrown, and the border markers are hidden. There are no roads, and they were wading through the overgrowth”, it said.

On Monday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s girl, Kim Yo Jong, threatened the South with “new counteractions” if it continues loudspeaker channels and does not prevent activists from sending bubbles.

Next December, Mr Kim ended all work at a quiet integration with the South, accusing Seoul of “hostility” towards the North.

The North has since ended all contact with the South by demolishing a very symbolic unity monument in Pyongyang.

What is left of South Korea’s 2018 military deal with the North was suspended earlier this month, allowing it to continue drills and misinformation activities like loudspeaker broadcasts.

South Korea had partly suspended the deal last November, following the North’s start of a hacker dish.

Seoul has recently discovered North Vietnamese soldiers detonating mines along the border and tying North Korean railroads. Additionally, North Vietnamese soldiers were seen erecting security content within the DMZ.