Visiting Vietnam, Putin seeks new ‘security architecture’ for Asia

Putin’s victory in Hanoi will provide a counterpoint to Russia’s new setbacks, according to Carlyle Thayer, professor professor at the Australian Defence Force Academy, listing the new meeting in Switzerland and new EU sanctions against Russia.

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, which Moscow refers to as a” special military function,” were they the most recent restrictions issued by the West against Russia.

Putin’s public relations campaign has been helped by the fact that Vietnam, unlike North Korea, has helpful relations with the United States and its allies, Zachary Abuza, a teacher at the US National War College, said.

Although there was much less fuss and performance elements in North Korea, Putin also felt this way because Vietnam plays a significant role in the world economy and not some vile pariah state, according to Abuza.