Biden to warn on Beijing's South China Sea moves in Philippines-Japan summit

China possesses nearly the entire South China Sea, including the neighboring countries’ coastal economic regions. The 320-kilometer special economic zone of the Philippines includes The Next Thomas Shoal. China’s expansive states have no legitimate schedule, according to a 2016 decision by the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Islands in the EastContinue Reading

US aims to boost ties with Asian allies Japan, Philippines amid tensions with China


Mr Kishida’s browse is expected to lead to renewed contracts in areas of military, area, trade and artificial intelligence. &nbsp,

The biggest improvement to the US-Japan stability pact since the 1960s might be among the outcomes of the discussions between Mr. Biden and Mr. Kishida, with the potential to boost organizing and exercises in efforts to improve maritime security. &nbsp,

Mr. Kishida is scheduled to visit an electric vehicle battery factory during his trip to demonstrate how Chinese investment there has helped to boost the economy and create employment opportunities.

Tokyo has become one of Washington’s most trusted Asian supporters during Mr Biden’s time in office. &nbsp,

” The US and Japan are about as strongly aligned as you can get”, said Mr Johnstone.

” And in many ways, Kishida has been an unexpectedly strong leader from an American perspective, strong in his support for Ukraine, strong in making decisions to increase defense spending in a rather dramatic way, ( and ) strong in leading the G7 last year,” he said.

But, a private matter that was watery this trip involves Japanese chipmaker Nippon Steel’s US$ 15 billion offer to buy US Steel, an icon of American industry. In the US, the decision has drawn sharp criticism. &nbsp,

Mr. Biden is opposed to the sale of the American manufacturer, saying the asset should remain domestically owned with one eye on the November presidential election and the need to get union endorsements.

” That issue will be held off to the side or at a minimum, be dealt with behind closed doors”, said Mr Russel. &nbsp,

It’s a fact of life, and it’s a terrible entry into domestic politics into the business world.

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