Modi, Putin hold talks amid outrage over Ukraine strikes

Since the Cold War, when the Kremlin became a significant arms supplier to Russia, New Delhi and Russia have remained near ties. However, Russia’s arms supply has been stretched by Ukraine, which has prompted India to look for alternative sources of weapons, including building its own defense market. According toContinue Reading

Iran votes for new president amid voter apathy

As a result of a typically younger population who has avoided the polls for the past four years, Pezeshkian’s chances are slim, as the party’s chances are skewed by returning the support of reform-minded voters. He might also gain from his adversaries ‘ inability to resuscitate the conservative vote. ”Continue Reading

Sri Lanka calls on Russia to discharge its citizens from army

People everywhere looking for work when Sri Lanka’s market crashed in 2022, including ex-soldiers who joined forces fighting in Ukraine after Russia’s invasion, sought employment there. The veterans are eager to return home, some of whom have invested their life savings in what they perceive to be profitable, non-combat jobs.Continue Reading