50 countries at UN condemn Xinjiang rights abuses

The 50 signatories include the United States, Britain, Japan, France, Australia, Israel, Turkey, Guatemala and even Somalia. They urged Beijing to “implement the recommendations of the OHCHR assessment” which include “taking prompt steps to release all individuals arbitrarily deprived of their liberty in Xinjiang, and to urgently clarify the fateContinue Reading

US, China discuss relations, war in Ukraine

WASHINGTON: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi discussed the rivalry between the two superpowers and Russia’s war in Ukraine in a call on Sunday (Oct 30), the State Department and Beijing’s foreign ministry said. The top diplomats talked about the need to “responsibly manageContinue Reading

Indians pinning their hopes on Rishi Sunak on Deepavali

NEW DELHI: Many Indians are delighted at the prospect of Rishi Sunak becoming the first person of Indian origin to become British prime minister on Monday (Oct 24), just as Hindus across the world celebrate Deepavali. Boris Johnson pulled out of the prime ministerial race late on Sunday, boosting Sunak’sContinue Reading