Vatana has not returned, says source

Vatana has not returned, says source

Vatana has not returned, says source
Vatana Asavahame (screenshot )

Veteran politician Vatana Asavahame, who fled the country in 2008 after he was convicted for abuse of power, has yet to gain to Thailand, according to a cause close to the Asavahame home.

The assertion comes after a video that purports to show Vatana, a former Samut Prakan politician, hosting a group of provincial politicians at a home in an unfamiliar location, made its way on social media.

Vatana, a former deputy interior minister, was sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Supreme Court’s Criminal Case Division for Persons Holding Political Position&nbsp, again in 2008, over the Klong Dan wastewater treatment plant discussion.

The Democratic-led state of the time’s excellent minister Chuan Leekpai endorsed the Klong Dan initiative in 1995.

The video, which was first posted on June 3 by Chana Nguanngamsri, a member of the Samut Prakan provincial administrative organization ( PAO ), sparked rumors that Vatana would soon return to Thailand because the 15-year statute of limitation on the case had already passed.

The source added that Vatana is not already in the nation and that the greeting, which was held for a group of local officials who just paid him a visit, took place at his home in a neighboring nation.

Another resource also refuted statements that Vatana would soon return, claiming that the former politician was really found guilty of two counts of indictment but that only one circumstance, which involves irregularities in the purchasing of area for the project, has been resolved. &nbsp,

The following case, which involves cooperation to correct prices, has yet to lapse, the source said.

Soontorn Pansangtong, a former deputy secretary of agriculture and partnerships, is seen supporting Vatana in the viral video, which indicates that he intends to run for the Samut Prakan PAO chair later this month. &nbsp,

He added that Mr. Soontorn is one of the family’s political successors and that the Asavahame home is also active in politics. &nbsp,

It was also reported that Nantida Kaewbuasai, mind of the PAO and wife of the later politician Chonsawat Asavahame, Vatana’s son, will never get re- election when her term expires in December.