Police probing “durian tribute” for senior officers in Si Sa Ket

Police probing "durian tribute" for senior officers in Si Sa Ket

Police probing 'durian tribute' for senior officers in Si Sa Ket
Last month, a seller in the Samut Prakan region of Bang Phli prepared durian for customers. ( Photo: Somchai Poomlard )

The director of Kantharalak Police in Si Sa Ket on Sunday denied reports that claimed he was responsible for the station’s scheduled inspection of senior officers officers. He claimed an official investigation is currently being conducted.

In response to Thanchanon Sriusadawutkul, the deputy secretary general of the Move Forward Party ( MFP), making the announcement in response to a leaked Line chat in which junior officers at the station were instructed to purchase the desired fruits for visiting senior officers, Pol Col Narin Bhupta made the announcement. &nbsp, &nbsp,

He claimed that he has already enacted a ban on such behaviors, including bribing subordinates to a bone situation, receiving goods or donations from people, etc.

Mr Thanchanon had earlier said such orders should not be tolerated, even if it is considered a” tradition” within the police force and other government firms.

“]The practice ] reflects the worst aspects of the patronage system”, he said, adding procuring durians is n’t a part of junior officers ‘ responsibility.

Junior officers will find it difficult to reject such an order, he added, noting that the practice opens the door to demanding behavior despite the fact that it may raise their workload and consume up their salaries. &nbsp, &nbsp,

He said the edible gift is just one of many instances where similar incidents have n’t been exposed, adding that seriousness must be taken seriously.

He urged senior officers to demonstrate their commitment and political will to fight corruption in the organization by implementing policies to end for practices and leading by example, he said.

In an effort to stop and eradicate corruption, the MFP member claimed that a reform is necessary to ensure accountability and transparency.

He demanded that more channels become established to collect information about graft, and he also urged the government to make young police officers’ living conditions better.

Mr. Thanchanon also urged the organizations to encourage integrity and a sense of responsibility among their employees.

” Standard teaching on ethics, ethics and important rules should also be conducted”, he said.

Good reinforcement, such as awards to accept those who demonstrate dignity in their company, should also be considered, along with stronger sentence against criminals, he said.

Police Col. Narin claimed that he has already informing his bosses about the situation and that an analysis is being conducted.