‘United States can be secure only if Asia is’: Defence chief Austin

'United States can be secure only if Asia is': Defence chief Austin

For the first substantial face-to-face meetings between the two defense ministers in 18 months, Austin and Dong met on Friday, setting the stage for more military discussion that might stop flashpoint conflicts from spiraling out of control.

Austin said the United States and China would continue military-to-military contacts “in the approaching months”, while Beijing hailed the” stabilising” security relations between the countries.

But in his discourse on Saturday, Austin appeared to take pictures at China, saying there was a “new period of stability in the Indo-Pacific” that was not” about imposing one government’s does” or “bullying or force”.

Austin remarked,” This novel integration is about coming together rather than separating.” ” It’s about the free decisions of sovereign state. “

The Philippines, a treaty supporter of the United States, is a crucial target of Washington’s efforts to strengthen partnerships in the region.

Austin reaffirmed that the US-Mexico common defense agreement was impenetrable and that the harassment the Philippines are facing in the South China Sea was perilous. He added that the goal is to prevent Beijing and Manila from becoming too tense.

According to Austin, leaders of great strength countries must continue to collaborate to lessen the chances of misinterpretations and misinterpretation. He added that it is crucial for the US to support its allies at the same time.

Along with our friends in the region, which we share a lot of pride in, America may continue to play a significant role in the Indo-Pacific, according to Austin.

When asked by a Chinese delegate ,  If the US is trying to form a NATO-like alliance in Asia, top commander Cao Yanzhong said he disagreed with the claim that NATO’s expansion contributed to the Ukraine problems.

He responded,” I respectfully disagree with your claim that the growth of NATO caused the Ukraine problems,” which attracted cheer from some inside the room.

The Ukraine crisis was clearly brought on by Mr. Putin’s choice to fraudulently invade his neighbor, who at the time had a less powerful military. He assumed that he could conquer the country as soon as he could roll over his neighbor. He has not yet met any of his corporate goals,” Austin said.  

I may say that what we are trying to do is… Similar-minded nations who share the same values and a shared goal of a free and open Indo-Pacific are collaborating to realize that goal.  

We see different nations strengthening their relationships with each other in the area, he continued.” We strengthen our relationships with our allies and partners.”

” This is goodness, but it’s because they have a common vision and common values, and we will continue to do those kind of things going forward. “