Gurmit Singh on leaving full-time work for his family 10 years ago

Gurmit Singh on leaving full-time work for his family 10 years ago

For local artist Gurmit Singh, choosing household over career is never an easy choice, but he has “never regretted doing” it.

The Phua Chu Kang sun left Mediacorp in 2014 with the intention of moving out of the spotlight. After 20 times as a full-time artist, he left.

In a new meeting with Taiwanese media Zaobao, the 59- year- ancient, who stars in new supernatural movie The Chosen One, shared more about why he chose to take a break from showbusiness.

Pre- break, he had previously spent New Year’s Eve with his home as he was always working. &nbsp,

Gurmit and partner Melissa Wong, 54, have three children, Gabrielle, 27, Elliot, 22, and Mikaela, 11.

” I run the clock show every year, so I could not spend time with my family that time.” Back then I even asked Mediacorp: ‘ You guys do n’t have other actors who can count down from 10 to one? ‘”, he recalled. &nbsp,

This is why, after Gurmit left, he promptly took his family on a two-week journey to Finland and only arrived on December 31.

Our whole family was embracing one another on the planes and ringing in the new year together as the countdown progressed. After 20 years in the show business, he shared that that was his initial clock with my family. &nbsp,

Gurmit also made it a point to travel with his children one on one.

When Gabrielle was a student in England, he and Elliot took a father-son street trip to Bali while they spent 21 days traveling 8, 000 kilometers along the way. &nbsp,

When Elliot said to Gurmit,” This trip is amazing, I knew I made the right decision to leave my job.” Gurmit said he knew it was the correct decision.

What led Gurmit to create for a crucial choice? &nbsp,

He acknowledged that he once believed being able to support his family was sufficient, until someone Gabrielle said made him realize then. &nbsp,

” Up then, I was hardly ever acting at home. When my oldest girl was about 11 years old, she was interviewed and asked what she thought of having a famous father. She replied: ‘ My dad is a very popular fictional character ( Phua Chu Kang )’. Hearing that broke my heart”, said Gurmit.