Ukraine’s Zelenskyy seeks support for peace summit, meets heads of state in Singapore

Ukraine's Zelenskyy seeks support for peace summit, meets heads of state in Singapore

The best way to end a” cruel war” that has killed thousands in his country since 2022 was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Sunday ( June 2 ), according to the Shangri- La Dialogue. &nbsp,

Zelenskyy stated in an address and question-and-answer conference at the security conference in Singapore that 106 nations and organizations had agreed to hold the peace conference in Switzerland, but that it was disappointing that some earth officials had not yet offered their support. Russia was trying to undermine the peace work, he said.

” We are convinced that our universe wants to be united and capable of acting in perfect harmony,” Zelenskyy said.

He later claimed at a press conference that Beijing’s decision to not participate in the mountain had caused him to be unable to meet the Chinese group there.

” China, however, is working hard now to prevent states from coming to the peacefulness summit”, he told reporters. &nbsp,

Chinese Defense Minister Dong Jun stated to members on Sunday that his nation had taken care to refrain from supporting either Russia or Ukraine.

” On the Ukraine crisis, China has been promoting peace talks with a dependable attitude”, Dong said. We have always given weapons to either side of the conflict. We have put tight regulations on the export of dual-use products, but nothing has been done to stoke the flames. We strongly support speech and peace.