The chef behind Saveur and The Masses pays tribute to his hawker mum with his new restaurant

The chef behind Saveur and The Masses pays tribute to his hawker mum with his new restaurant

In the first quarter, there were no consumers, in spite of the dark plaid tablecloths laid out in desire. Yet the stall aunties in the neighboring area pounced on him and his partner. However, the two young chefs were ready to go the extra mile, perhaps reopening the restaurant after it had already sat empty.

In Purvis Street, where there are long lines of people waiting outside every day, Saveur evolved from a kopitiam barn in Joo Chiat to a full-fledged restaurant. Thereafter, it also had a reputation at Far East Plaza, The Cathay and Ion Orchard. Ong praised his S$ 8.90 herring confit and macaroni, which were inspired by bak chor mee, saying,” We were the first in the industry to do things like that.”

” But, I was young and learning how to manage a bistro”.


Even after Saveur started losing money and closed, and Ong opened The Masses, he worked hard to keep his food cheap. He just moved the Capitol, but he refrained from raising the price.

What is his approach? ” By continually searching for vendors who can provide better rates” but still match value, such as fish that comes directly from Malaysia, he said.

” It is a very fine line. There is only a little margin for error. But, I’m willing to risk it”, he admitted. Next year,” We were continually making losses. I put in my own discounts”. He also considered selling his home to help pay for the diner. ” I also thought about where my children had live”, he said.

Why? Being steadfast in my beliefs gives me confidence. I want to remain true to my perspective. Being real necessitates a valley-going mindset. That’s how I’m sure of franchises. I’ve been through it. I’ve always said that the skill of the sailor is more important than the size of the storm.