Paetongtarn backs transgender rights law

Paetongtarn backs transgender rights law

Paetongtarn backs transgender rights law

Before 2030, when Thailand hopes to be given the right to sponsor World Pride, Paetongtarn Shinawatra, the head of the decision Pheu Thai Party and the director of the National Committee on Soft Power Development, is supporting efforts to pass a law recognizing transgender people.

At a ceremony announcing this week’s Pride Month event that runs from May 31 through June 1, Ms. Paetongtarn spoke. Tuesday night at the Siam Discovery shopping center, the announcement was made.

She claimed that the main opposition’s Move Forward Party’s act on gender acknowledgement and the rights of transgender people was rejected on February 21. The act was shot down by a ballot of 256 to 152 with one acquiescence.

Numerous MPs who were openly opposed to the act viewed its content as “extreme” during the House argument.

According to her, Pheu Thai has long been a pro-gender justice advocate.

The People Power Party, which was also disbanded and transformed into Pheu Thai, and the Thai Rak Thai Party, which was later disbanded, launched a campaign to improve acknowledgment of LGBTQ right.

She claimed that the Pheu Thai-led government pushed successfully to pass the House of Representatives ‘ wedding justice rules on March 27. She continued, adding that the legislation will likely receive Senate last acceptance in the coming months and be enacted. The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau announced that it would send a charge for World Pride 2030.

Siam Discovery’s controller, Siam Piwat Co, Saruntorn Asaves, stated that there will be many occasions happening the following month.