Thailand, UK agree MoUs

Thailand, UK agree MoUs

Within the next three months, the UK and Thailand will sign two memorandums of understanding ( MoU) to advance scientific research and education and strengthen English language proficiency among Thai students.

According to Danny Whitehead, chairman of British Council in Thailand, the latest news to improve Thailand-UK connections to a strategic relationship led to the signing of the MoU deals.

He stated during the recent launch of the” Thai-UK World-class University Consortium” project that education was one of the main areas that needed to be worked on in-depth.

According to him, one MoU would be signed with Thailand’s Ministry of High Education, Science, Research and Innovation ( MHESI) to focus on scientific research and English language proficiency among higher education students. The Ministry of Education would sign the various document, with a focus on collaborating on basic learning English vocabulary studies.

It’s wonderful to see that English has become a life skill that is important for both helping to attract investment into Thailand and helping to make it less only a theme in school, he said.

It will also enable Thai experts to use English to present their research to the earth, according to Mr. Whitehead.

Punpermsak Aruni, MHESI mind of the Strategic Management Division, said that the diplomatic exchange would benefit the government’s research circle.

” After the MoUs are signed, it might take a long time to size up the process. If effective, it will help to increase Thai knowledge to a globe- class standard”, he said.