Thai PM might quit politics after election loss: Party deputy leader

Thai PM might quit politics after election loss: Party deputy leader


Mr Pita Limjaroenrat, the leader and prime ministerial candidate of the Move Forward Party announced on Monday he has enough support from political allies to form a majority government.

Currently, the coalition includes five opposition parties namely Move Forward, Pheu Thai, Prachachat, Thai Sang Thai and Seri Ruam Thai as well as one newcomer – the Fair Party.

Together they have 310 Members of Parliament (MPs), which is more than half of the 500-seat House of Representatives. 

However, there is still uncertainty about whether the Move Forward Party can eventually form the next government and who will win the premiership.

The selection of the prime minister under Thailand’s current constitution involves both the House of Representatives and the 250-member Senate – the upper house of parliament.

The senators were selected and appointed in 2019 by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) – the military government led by Gen Prayut following his coup in 2014.

For a candidate to become prime minister, the person must be approved by more than half of the combined assembly. 

This means the Move Forward Party needs to consolidate at least 376 votes – either from both Houses or only from the Lower House – in order for Mr Pita to win the premiership and form the government. 

Following the last general election in 2019, all but one senator voted for Gen Prayut’s premiership.