Thai government plans to ban recreational cannabis use

Thai government plans to ban recreational cannabis use

BANGKOK: Following the kingdom’s decriminalization of cannabis in 2022, the Thai government will urgently move a Bill to outlaw cannabis use for recreational purposes, according to the health minister on Tuesday ( Feb 6 ).

Under the preceding administration, which included the pro-legalization Bhumjaithai group, cannabis was removed from the list of prohibited cocaine in June 2022.

Lots of cannabis clinics opened up all over the nation as a result of the walk, especially in Bangkok, which alarmed critics who argued for the need for stricter regulations.

The innovative Bill, which forbids cannabis use for recreational purposes, may be put forth at the Cabinet meeting the following week, according to the village’s health minister on Tuesday.

According to Chonlanan Srikaew, the new Bill will simply permit the use of cannabis for medical and health functions. ” The use of amusement is deemed improper.”

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister who took office in August, has often expressed his opposition to the drug’s outdoor use and stated that it should only be permitted for medical use.

After visitors to British rock band Coldplay’s performances in Bangkok posted on social media last weekend that” the whole music smelled like marijuana,” there was new pressure from the general public.