Education minister still being ridiculed for admiring N.Korea

Education minister still being ridiculed for admiring N.Korea

Permpoon praised its rigorous school control.

Education minister still being ridiculed for admiring N.Korea
On January 19, North Korean embassy Kim Je Bong presents a memento to education secretary Permpoon Chidchob at the Education Ministry. ( Facebook: Education Ministry )

More than three months after expressing his admiration for features of North Korea’s educational program, Education Minister Permpoon Chidchob is still the target of a storm of critical remarks.

On January 19, Pol Gen Permpoon expressed admiration for North Korea for enforcing discipline on children during a meeting with the country’s embassy, Kim Je Bong. He also praised the socially isolated nation for its commitment to its leader and patriotism.

If Thailand received learning assistance from North Korea, the Education Ministry hoped to understand from this, he continued.

On the Facebook page promoting his activities, he was quoted as saying,” I hope for an opportunity to visit North Korea to study the culture and other exchanges that would be beneficial to education.”

Social media platforms responded angrily to his remarks, highly rejecting the notion and making fun of him. It continues to be a hot issue. &nbsp,

” Hopeless,” one remark was made on Tuesday. Do you want this nation to resemble North Korea? Another remarked.

One article referred to the statement as a “masterpiece,” and another said,” Two states are brothers.”

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea as it is formally known, is firmly ruled by Kim Jong Un. According to Human Rights Watch, it continues to be one of the most oppressive regimes and nbsp in the world. &nbsp,

Fresh brother of Bhumjaithai Party social tycoon Newin Chidchob is Pol Gen Permpoon. It was widely believed that he accepted the best position at the department as a result of his younger brother Saksayam’s alleged covert involvement in the construction company.

Mr. Saksayam was forced to resign from his positions as an MP and group secretary-general after the Constitutional Court ruled against him last month.

The Move Forward Party requested in September that Prime Minister Srettha Thavisn rethink the nomination of Pol Gen Permpoon to the training collection due to a claim that he assisted Vorayuth” Boss” Yoovidhya, the descendant of the Red Bull kingdom, in evading capture in 2012 for running over and killing the motorcycle police officer.

At the time, Pol Gen Permpoon worked as a subordinate of then-national police chief topoisomerase Gen Somyot Poompunmuang.