Teen e-bike rider arrested for evading roadblock

Teen e-bike rider arrested for evading roadblock

A 16-year-old male teenager has been detained after allegedly evading a roadblock and continuing to run on foot after falling off his e-bike, according to police in a news release on Monday ( Jun 3 ).

Around 2.55 a.m., customers police officers were preventing a barrier along Guillemard Road when the incident occurred on May 25. &nbsp,

A power-assist bicycle ( PAB) or e-bike rider was told to stop for checks, according to the police because he was not wearing a helmet. Nevertheless, he failed to stop, and sped away. &nbsp,

” While doing so, he knocked down a policeman road challenge, fell off his PAB, and continued to escape on foot”, said the policeman. &nbsp,

The soldiers detained and then arrested him after a short fight.

The girl was at the time carrying duty-unpaid contraband cigarettes, according to police investigations. The rider’s electronic- vehicle, believed to be improperly modified, was seized by the Land Transport Authority. &nbsp,

Investigations are ongoing. &nbsp,