Take a look inside Class 95 DJ Justin Ang’s S$2.5 million penthouse condo

Take a look inside Class 95 DJ Justin Ang's S$2.5 million penthouse condo

The purchase of your first house is a significant step, and most people would be eager to share it with their loved ones. No Class 95 DJ Justin Ang, one- half of The Muttons with Vernon A, while.

The 42- yr- older, who’s an only child, had lived with his parents his whole life and he did n’t know how to break the news to them that he and his family, Ilona Loo, 43, a director in a market research firm, may be moving over.

But Justin and IIona kept the family’s media for six weeks.

In reality, 8days. Before father and mama Ang, SG casually mentioned his Serangoon condominium when we featured Vernon’s new house.

Justin texted us shortly after we ran the tale to request that we remove the condo-related portion. We did, and surprisingly, no one spotted it and identified him.

Why therefore apprehensive? We had to figure out a way to tell them the truth without making them feel very unhappy,” Justin said.

We took them out for a great meal and informed them that your young child was leaving. They were quite friendly. I love my relatives, they put up with me for so many years”.

If you’re wondering, Justin’s parents were n’t upset or surprised by their decision. After all, the pair had been considering where to relocate for ten years.

We never really had the guts or the motivation to move in because it was a wish to live with my parents. They have a large house and a companion, so our existence was simple. Moving out required a lot more function. I recently discovered how challenging it is to do cleaning and have just reduced five T-shirts,” Justin said.

” But we do n’t want to be 50 years old and regret that we did n’t at least try, so when I turned 40, we decided let’s do it”.