Swedish Queen urges global effort to end child sexual abuse

Swedish Queen urges global effort to end child sexual abuse

According to monarch in Bangkok, large tech firms also have a role to play in preventing website injury.

Swedish Queen urges global effort to end child sexual abuse
Sweden’s Her Majesty Queen Silvia makes ripples during the Bangkok 2024 Child Protection Summit with her Majesty Queen Suthida of Thailand. On Thursday, the UN Conference Center in Bangkok hosted the occasion. ( Pool photo )

Sweden’s Her Majesty Queen Silvia stated at a conference in Bangkok that communities must openly discuss the issue of child sexual abuse in order to best overcome it.

” Child sexual abuse is difficult and unpleasant to speak on. It is so for me, also. As a female, as a mother and grandmother and as a Queen. But maintaining silence wo n’t cure it. Silence just helps offenders”, she said at an event held at the at the UN Conference Centre on Thursday.

” Child sexual abuse occurs everywhere, in every nation on earth, in every society, and in every culture,” says the statement.

” And if I do not speak up, we do not talk away, who does? To modify something, awareness is first and important

The World Childhood Foundation and SafeguardKids Foundation held a speech at the Swedish wife at the Child Protection Summit Bangkok 2024.

Queen Silvia pointed out that there is also a long way to go until the UN adopted the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, when all governments around the world agreed that all forms of violence against children should remain eradicate by 2030.

For Thailand, she said that 2015 was a time of tremendous progress, with the country criminalising custody of child sexual abuse supplies.

But fresh challenges have arisen, such as virtual sexual abuse, she said.

She argued that more should be done with technology to safeguard website kids, and that parents should also take more proactive steps.

We must demonstrate to children that we are ready to risk, believe in what they say and show that we are firmly on their part. Additionally, she said,” We need to show the perpetrators that we see them and that they cannot hide.”

” We need to do this together. A major violence is child sexual abuse. Legislators and procedures are required to establish rules.

We must collaborate worldwide, learn from one another, and assistance one another in the fight because” child sexual abuse is a global crime.”

After the conference, Queen Silvia told the media more about her problems.

She claimed that authorities had advised her that parents should never place computers in children’s bedrooms but rather elsewhere in the home where they could monitor what their kids were doing online.

She expressed hope that big tech companies do take on more responsibility in this regard.

” I hope that the large companies who have duty, that they find a way to handle it. I know that there is a lot of money involved, however,” she said.

However, we must find the way. We must be good parents, but they must also get great employers, and they must also accept responsibility.

In 1999, Queen Silvia established the World Childhood Foundation with the idea that all children should have access to a sexually abused and exploited adolescence.