Sutin preps for talks with Cambodia

Sutin preps for talks with Cambodia

In order to promote border peace and address concerns related to intersecting border areas between the two countries, the Ministry of Defense is developing ideas for discussions with Cambodia.

Sutin Klungsang, the defense minister, stated that the government can help government plan to support economic activities along the Thai-Cambodia border in relation to Hun Manet’s official explore to Thailand on Wednesday.

He claimed that while the government can help ease border tensions, the government wants to strengthen ties with Cambodia and enhance people’s quality of life.

He claimed that during his most recent trip to Cambodia, the ministry reached a deal with Cambodia on how to advance border peace, and he will present these ideas to the Thai and Vietnamese perfect ministers at their meeting this week in Bangkok.

They’ll probably talk about overlapping borders says. The General Border Committee ( GBC ), which is presided over by the defense ministers of both countries, is handling the situation, according to Mr. Sutin.

Thailand, he declared, will make every effort to resolve boundary disputes and prevent problems that might rekindle hostilities. He responded that the state would uphold mutual agreements but declined to discuss the details when asked if deals would adhere to the platform established by a 2001 memorandum of understanding. Disagreements and shared growth are handled by a Thailand-Cambodia Joint Technical Committee. Its job is also subject to criticism.

However, Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, announced yesterday that combined efforts to combat fine dust pollution would be discussed at the meeting with his counterpart in Cambodia.

He asserted that the neighboring nation is taking the problem seriously and the government is prepared to provide assistance to Cambodia in battling cloud pollution.

According to a cause, Jakkapong Sangmanee, the deputy minister of foreign affairs, spoke with Eang Sophalleth on Friday about their combined efforts to combat the smog issue.

Six northern provinces were experiencing red-coded ( seriously harmful ) levels of fine dust as of 7 a.m. yesterday, according to the Geo- Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency ( Gistda ).