FM calls for EU support on Myanmar crisis

FM calls for EU support on Myanmar crisis

Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara, the foreign minister, has requested assistance from the European Union ( EU) in resolving the Myanmar crisis.

At the 24th Asean-EU Ministerial Meeting ( AEMM) in Brussels, Belgium, on Friday, he made the request.

Mr. Parnpree urged a coordinated strategy to preserving peace and stability in the face of the numerous international conflicts that are testing the earth during the conference, which discussed diplomatic relations between Asean and the EU.

The position in Myanmar was brought up by Mr. Parnpree in the hopes that the EU would assist Thailand in philanthropic efforts and as a first step toward constructive dialogue between all parties there and the international community in an effort to find an agreement.

He claimed that” Asean and the EU can work together to bring about changes.”

To create an Asean- International proper collaborative relationship, Mr. Parnpree said,” We need to demonstrate our resolve to engage with all parties around the world.”

” We believe the EU has a free, open, rules-based, and inclusive vision for the Indo-Pacific,” according to the Asean outlook on the region ( Aoip ).

In order for Asean and the EU to continue to be hubs of global expansion, Mr. Parnpree also requested assistance and investment in cutting-edge, environmentally friendly, and green networks for power, transportation and modern technology.

He claimed that in the future, a powerful fresh Thai- EU Free Trade Area may be created with better facilities, much transportation connectivity, and greater trade facilitation.