Survey aims to improve lives of LGBTQ+ population

Survey aims to improve lives of LGBTQ+ population

Survey aims to improve lives of LGBTQ  population
To enjoy Pride Month and promote gender equality in Bangkok, people march in a rally towards the Ratchaprasong crossing on Saturday. ( Photo: Nutthawat Wichieanbut )

The first official study of the LGBTQ population in the country will be conducted by the National Statistical Office and partners between June and September to strengthen services for them.

The country has no statistics on this segment of the population, according to Kanjana Phumalee, the NSO’s chairman for coverage and educational statistics, because the majority of them refused to give out their personal details.

As a result, there was a lack of clear time that may help in policy development, she said.

In a poll on working conditions, the NSO and the Mahidol University Institute for Population and Social Research conducted a survey to learn more about the organization.

The comments in that study indicated that LGBTQ individuals accounted for only 0.7 % of communities nationwide. The findings &nbsp, suggested that 1.5 % of respondents aged 15- 20 home- identified as LGBTQ , Ms Kanjana said.

” Thai world needs to improve knowledge about sex diversity”, she said.

The new survey is being conducted by the NSO, Mahidol University’s population research institute, and ThailandHealth Promotion Foundation ( ThaiHealth ).

Poranee Puprasert, the foundation’s assistant director for ThaiHealth, claimed the organization had a goal to promote good health for all ethnic groups in the nation but that no accurate information was available about female variety.

Clear information about LGBTQ people had let the foundation to advertise their health properly, meet their needs and handle their particular issues, she said.

” This poll on the LGBTQ people will obtain reliable data on physical and mental health, living conditions, look, relationships, prejudices and discrimination”, Ms Poranee said.

” The information can be used to work out cultural, economic and health laws and actions and generate knowledge about LGBTQ problems, including health and economic injustice and the occurrence of discrimination”, she said.

Assoc Prof Kritaya Archavanitkul, assistant to the study job, said the state had always conducted a rigorous assessment of the population with gender diversity.

According to her, the study may be conducted from June to September. A study may be conducted on 2, 400 homes in Ratchaburi state and 1, 100 students between the ages of 15 and 25 in three different types of schools in Nakhon Pathom state.

There is also an online questionnaire on 1, 500 basic people aged 15 and above.

Conversations with members of the surveyed communities that include gender diversity may be conducted following the study. Queries will probe their understanding of health, gender identity, female, tastes and sexual orientation.

One of the most crucial factors for the creation of an diverse culture that reduces inequality and promotes&nbsp, fairness is, according to Assoc Prof. Kritaya.