Sri Lanka monsoon floods kill seven people

Sri Lanka monsoon floods kill seven people

At least seven people have died in Sri Lanka as a result of flooding and landslides brought on by monsoon rains, according to the Disaster Management Centre ( DMC) of the nation.

Three members of the same family died in Sitawaka, Colombo, after their home was flooded.

Power has been cut off in a number of places, and Monday’s school closures have been mandated.

Nine towns have received flood warnings.

The risk of flood was fast rising in Colombo and other parts of the south, according to DMC Director Pradeep Kodippili, who spoke to the BBC’s Sinhala program.

” Some areas have reportedly received more than 400mm of rainwater so far,” according to Mr. Kodippili. ” The small flood risk is increasing to a big storm chance.”

He urged Sri Lankans to pay close attention to state and DMC emergency presentations. The DMC said 20 of the country’s 25 towns were affected by the rains.

According to the state, the government has been mobilized to help the people who have been affected.

Three aircraft and rescue teams have already been dispatched, according to Air Force spokesman Capt Dushan Wijesinghe, according to a source close to the Air Force.

10 Navy team had been deploed, according to Capt. Gayan Wickramasuriya, a spokesman for the Navy, and 116 more were ready to deploy.

The army claimed to be providing meals to those who had fled.

According to Sulakshana Jayawardena of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, energy resources have been stymied in some places.

In accordance with the DMC, we have had to halt strength items in these areas.

” After the storms fade, we will look at the situation and work to restore electricity”.