A guide to what’s next for South Africa in unprecedented coalition talks

A guide to what's next for South Africa in unprecedented coalition talks


When a student of Nelson Mandela, Ramaphosa, &nbsp, 71, has then overseen the worst vote result in the ANC’s story. Although he is under pressure from both his own party and citizens, he managed to chuckle when a government official slipped and called him the “extinguished” president rather than the “distinguished” leader. ” I’m not still destroyed”, Ramaphosa said.

Ramaphosa’s task is to help his party form the best partnership among the ANC’s various groups. The Democratic Alliance, the principal criticism, is the clear winner. They would be able to run the country with sufficient seats in Parliament. However, the DA has long been vehemently opposed to the ANC’s policies, and the marriage would n’t become an easy one, even though both have stated that they are open to debate.

The ANC has the option of joining the Economic Freedom Fighters and one or both of the other two major opposition events, the uMkhonto weSizwe group or Series party. Given that MK and the Hell have both pledged to expropriate South Africa’s significant gold and platinum mine and the central bank, that may hurt South Africa’s reputation with foreign investors.

Given that a partnership arrangement also has the power to reelect Ramaphosa for a second term, Ramaphosa’s president is in the balance. In votes, South Africans choose which parties to have in the Parliament. The ANC now does n’t have enough lawmakers on its own to reelect Ramaphosa, so the legislature then elects the president.