Southeast Asia human trafficking now a global crisis, Interpol says

Southeast Asia human trafficking now a global crisis, Interpol says

According to Stock, the new cyber-scam centers, which are frequently run by afraid staffers who are marketed as having genuine jobs, had helped organized crime organizations diversify their revenue from drug trafficking.

He claimed that drug trafficking companies still made up 40 % to 70 % of criminal organizations ‘ income.

” But we see groups evidently diversifying their unlawful businesses using drug smuggling routes even for smuggling of human beings, prostitution of arms, academic property, stolen goods, car theft”, Stock said.

According to him, between US$ 2 trillion and US$ 3 trillion in illicit proceeds are channeled every through the global financial system. An organized crime organization can generate US$ 50 billion annually.

More than 100 000 persons were trafficked into Cambodian online fraud centers, according to the UN’s report from last year. Myanmar handed over tens of thousands of Chinese telecoms scam suspects to China in November.

A Reuters investigation last month provided details on the development of one type of reported cyber-crime in Thailand and its funding.

Singapore was praised for its role in detonating a money laundering case last year involving seized assets worth more than US$ 3 billion ( US$ 2.23 billion ).