South Korea blasts loudspeaker broadcasts after North’s trash balloons

South Korea blasts loudspeaker broadcasts after North's trash balloons

SEEUL: Following a demand from Pyongyang to stop sending trash-carrying balloons into the South, South Korea resumed loudspeaker broadcasts directed at North Korea on Sunday ( Jun 9 ).

The choice to continue the channels, as a form of mental battle, was made after North Korea began launching on Saturday about 330 balloons with filth attached, with about 80 of them dropping over the frontier, South Korea’s military said.

The actions we may get may be intolerable for the North Vietnamese government, but they will send a message of hope and lighting to the North’s army and its citizens, according to South Korea’s National Security Council.

South Korea had warned the North that it would retaliate, including sending advertising channels from massive monitors set up along the borders.

The North Korean government reported that the broadcast were made on Sunday evening, and whether more will be broadcast will be made, depending on how North Korea responds.