Poll: Two-thirds of Thais dissatisfied with govt’s performance

Poll: Two-thirds of Thais dissatisfied with govt’s performance

Poll: Two-thirds of Thais dissatisfied with govt’s performance
Before their first conference on May 7, 2024, new cabinet people under the leadership of Mr. Srettha Thavisin gather for a photo session at the Santi Maitree Building in Government House. ( Photo: Chanat Katanyu ).

According to an opinion poll conducted on Sunday, the majority of Thais are not happy with the efficiency of Srettha Thavisin’s state and not comfortable in its ability to solve regional problems.

The National Institute of Development Administration polled 1, 310 citizens from across the nation who are 18 and over in various levels of education and occupations to find out what they think of the Srettha Thavisin management since it took office in September of last year.

Asked if they were satisfied with the government’s performance over the past nine times, the replies various as follows:

34.35 % somewhat dissatisfied, citing difficulties in the management of major problems and no change in vision
31.69 % very unhappy because of the complete lack of progress and failing to implement the procedures promised during the election campaign.
25.19 % somewhat satisfied, saying the business had improved because of the government’s continued drive to implement policies and measures, and that results from the government’s problem- solving were plainly obvious
7.40 % quite happy because the state was determined to help and improve people’s nicely- being
1.37 % did n’t know/not interested

Asked if they were convinced that Mr Srettha’s government would be able to handle the government’s major problems, the answers were as follows:

35.95 % were unconcerned at all because they had not yet witnessed any change and the government had not yet addressed issues at their root causes.
35.04 % not very comfortable because the Srettha presidency just scratched the surface when it failed to meet its goals.
22.14 % somewhat confident, saying the government had the job experience and administrative skills to move the country forwards
5.42 % pretty confident, citing the president’s solid determination to solve Thailand’s problems and handle it properly
1.45 % did n’t know/not interested.