Soft power panel quits en masse

Soft power panel quits en masse

The battle for” Elephan pants” is seen as fire

Some people are speculating that the large resignation of members of a government soft power sub-committee is being attributed in large part to the planned Guinness World Record competition, where competitors may compete to wear the most elephant-print pants.

The sub-committee had 23 people and was presided over by renowned architect Kamonnart Ongwandee before all of the members resigned.

According to a Facebook announcement, they made the decision to end their position on Thursday because they had finished the task they set out to complete and because each of them had personal commitments, making it impossible for them to effectively help their time to the following phase.

The resignations raised questions about whether the future occasion was the good catalyst and whether there had been disagreement between the sub-committee members and a state agency regarding some function plans.

Due to their resignation, Ms. Kamonnart posted on Facebook on January 17 that the fashion sub-committee had nothing to do with this month’s Guinness World Record event. She urged state agencies to speak with the soft power development committee because their jobs would be funded by citizens ‘ money.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand will host the events, which will take place from February 21 to 27, to encourage the use of soft power. Participants will be required to participate in five challenges, such as eating the most snacks in one moment and bursting the biggest balloons with fighting gloves in a minute.

One of the fashion-related activities is a challenge to put on the most elephant-print trousers in one second.

I’m really interested in seeing who is endorsing the funds. We were unable to voice our opposition to the notion. What did you accomplish after doing this? They did not consult us. While the company was planning to organize a pop-up event, we volunteered and put in lots of effort to formulate ideas for fashion professional development. What kind of benefit does it produce? Along with the message, she posted a picture of sets of students holding elephant-print pants while standing.

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, downplayed the crisis surrounding the widespread withdrawal of the sub-committee yesterday.

According to Dr. Surapong Suebwonglee, director of the National Soft Power Strategy Committee, new members would remain nominated and appointed the following year, so there was no need to dramatize the condition.

Dr. Surapong acknowledged the sub-committees ‘ personal commitments and thanked them on his X account for their input.

He claimed that he had contacted a number of people to continue the work and may present the innovative people at the National Soft Power Development Committee meeting on February 9.

They were also thanked by Pheu Thai Party leader and National Soft Power Development Committee assistant head Paetongtarn Shinawatra.