2 teens stabbed in brawl

2 teens stabbed in brawl

A 14-year-old boy was detained on Thursday night for allegedly stabbing two other students during a fight near their class in the Yan Ta Khao area of Trang.

The victims suffered severe weapon injuries.

According to Pol Capt Suwit Suwanrat, assistant research chief at the Yan Ta Khao authorities station, the incident took place on Trang- Palian Road in tambon Yan tao, about 100 meters from a renowned extra school.

When authorities arrived at the murder scene, they discovered a pool of blood. Now transported to Yan Ta Khao Hospital were the two injured individuals.

Both of the Mathayom Suksa 2 ( Grade 8 ) students, who were both 14 years old, sustained serious wounds. The first was stabbed near to his brain, while the next was struck on the right side of his neck, piercing the heart. Physicians moved them to Trang Hospital because of how serious their conditions were.

The sufferers and four other students were reportedly leaving the school on Thursday night when they came across five students from the same level and school, according to the police. About 100 meters from the university’s gate, close to the entrance of a restaurant, the two parties got into an argument.

A fight then ensued. The first victim was stabbed until he fell to the ground by one learner from the opposing team who pulled out a blade. The second prey rushed to help but was also stabbed by the same assailant. The attacker then rode off on scooters with his friends.

At a residence in the same neighborhood’s tambon Thung Krabue, authorities detained the alleged assailant. In an crude palm farm, a blood-stained weapon was discovered lying on the ground.

The perpetrator admitted to stabbing the two students after they were unable to resolve their disagreement, according to Pol Col. Poonsak Saengsae, commander of Yan Ta Khao police place.

Days after killing another student in Bangkok with a fruit blade stabbing him in the chest and abdomen, the attack took place.