Smuggling tycoon”s adopted son collared at airport

Smuggling tycoon"s adopted son collared at airport

Smuggling tycoon's adopted son collared at airport
Karin: Says to being a surrogate

The Department of Special Investigation ( DSI) detained a Chinese pork-smuggling kingpin’s adopted son on Tuesday at Don Mueang airport.

According to Pol Maj Nathapol Ditsayatham, head investigator of the smuggling case, the team received a report on the departure from China of Karin Piyapornpaiboon, an adopted son of Li Sheng Jiao, alias” Hia Kao” ( Brother Kao ), from the DS I’s intelligence unit.

After the helicopter arrived at 7.40 am, Mr. Karin was taken to the DSI office at 9 am. According to Pol Maj Nathapol, his incarceration complied with the Prevention and Suppression of Torture and Enforced Disappearance Act.

His adopted father, Mr Li, is a primary suspect in a situation involving about 60, 000 kilograms of smuggled meat that were seized in January, having caused more than a billion ringgit in damage. On his way back from China on January 22, he turned himself in to the authorities.

The group was able to track down Mr. Li and Mr. Karin’s financial dealings, according to Pol Maj Nathapol.

According to the investigation, Mr Karin transferred at least 2.6 million baht of income to his parents in 2022, while Mr Li sent at least 10.8 million baht to his adopted son during 2021–2023.

The DSI also charged Mr. Li with being involved in the smuggling of more than 10,000 meat foot worth totaling 5 billion baht.

Mr. Karin acknowledged that he operated a number of companies for his dad, including bringing meat foot into Thailand. The meat legs were transported to a cool storage facility in Nakhon Pathom before being exported to China, according to additional DSI studies.

Chalermchai Sri, the original agriculture minister, later confirmed that he was not related to the two offenders.

Mr Chalermchai came under fire because his elder sibling, Wirat Piyapornpaiboon, and his legislator brother, Jukkaphan Piyapornpaiboon, shared the same title as Mr Karin.

Mr. Chalermchai claimed that he had no past relationships with either think and that he had never met Mr. Li when they were invited to the same gathering, which included businesspeople and politicians. Mr. Chalermchai claimed he had no idea how Mr. Karin came to get his friend’s Thai title.