Koh Kood sovereignty “not at risk”

Koh Kood sovereignty "not at risk"

Koh Kood sovereignty 'not at risk'
Koh Kood

The government has given its assurance Thailand will not lose sovereignty overKoh Koodin Trat province to Cambodia in future negotiations between the two countries with regards to the sharing of marine resources in their overlapping claims area (OCA).

It is clearly stated in the treaty signed between France and Siam — the former name of Thailand — in 1907 that France returned Trat and islands between the Ling cape andKoh Koodto Siam, said Deputy Prime Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara during the Senate’s general debate on Monday night.

The secretary said he concurred with the Senate’s recommendation that any new negotiations regarding the disputed continental shelf in the Thai-Cambodge claim area may be held concurrent with any discussions about the sharing of marine resources.

The western table is located beneath the ocean, on the edge of a globe.

Without making any mention of the continental shelves issue, Mr. Parnpree addressed the concerns raised about the possible legal and political repercussions of the Thai government’s reported agreement to share coastal resources with Cambodia.

Mr. Parnpree acknowledged that he had no authority to decide on the matter at this time because a commission in charge of such discussions has not yet been established, despite his claim that the two issues should be discussed in parallel in upcoming discussions. Its development would involve government approval, he said.

According to a memorandum of understanding signed in 2001 by the two nations expressing their purpose to balance over the overlapping claims place, eight shells of official discussions and eight rounds of casual negotiations have been held between Thailand and Cambodia, according to Mr. Parnpree. There has since been no improvement on the problem, he added.

Hun Manet, the excellent minister of Cambodia, visited Thailand on February 7. At the time, the OCA subject was also discussed, among different topics.

The leaders of Thailand and Cambodia later agreed to more talk about how to share resources in the region’s overlapping claims area, according to the minister.