Singapore’s recycling rate falls to 52% in 2023, decline from 10 years ago


Over the past ten years, the home waste generated by homes and commercial establishments like colleges and stalls centers has decreased by more than 15 %.

In 2023, the regular home waste generated per person was 0.88kg, along from 1.08kg in 2013.

Non-domestic spend per dollar in industrial and commercial facilities decreased by more than 30 % from 40 tons in 2013 to 26 tons in 2014.

According to NEA, the decrease in waste produced indicates that households and businesses have taken “positive ways” to minimize and modify.

The organization further stated that it will continue to research new methods to close the different resource gaps. This includes looking into using combined materials from Singapore’s even landfill&nbsp, Semakau&nbsp,- which is made up of burning ashes and another spend materials- for reclamation.

Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu stated in a statement at the week-long combined launch of Singapore International Water Week and CleanEnviro Summit that the state is exploring new technology that could increase the value of mingled solid waste and also lowering carbon pollution.

NEA will assess the information gathered on industry’s interests and the commercial viability of these technologies, she said. &nbsp,

Where suitable, pilot trials may be conducted to evaluate the potential of expansion to full- size disposal facilities, added Ms Fu.

NEA on Wednesday highlighted that there is a “greater urgency” for everyone to build a sustainability culture to reduce, reuse, and recycle. &nbsp,

” By reducing waste and recycling right, we can do our part to combat climate change and ensure that Singapore remains clean, green, and liveable”, it added. &nbsp,