Singaporean woman killed in Spain: Charges against suspect could be months away

Singaporean woman killed in Spain: Charges against suspect could be months away

A police report is still pending, according to sources close to the research, and claims against a person suspected of killing a Malaysian woman in Spain may still be in progress. &nbsp,

After being detained on suspicion of killing Singaporean Audrey Fang on April 16, Mitchell Ong, 43, is still in pre-trial confinement in the Murcia Sangonera prison.

Ms Fang’s body was found on Apr 10 with 30 attack scars.

A person may spend up to two years in pre-trial confinement under Spanish law. For severe crimes, this can be extended by two more years.

Ong, who is also Taiwanese, has not been charged by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, despite appearing in court three weeks after he was arrested.

During the court hearing, Manuel Martinez, the attorney representing Ms Fang’s community had pressed for a crime charge, but the army said it was too early for quite a classification, given that the police statement was not yet available.

Given that he is a holiday and has no friends or family in Alicante, he was arrested there, and there was no Abanilla, where Ms Fang’s body was discovered, he was remanded in captivity.

Sources close to the analysis said the public attorney’s office is still reviewing authorities information and studies. It is anticipated that the police statement will be completed in decades.

Because Ong has been avoiding giving a speech to the authorities, which is stalling the investigation, the purpose is still undetermined and some questions remain unanswered, according to the investigators.

There are noplans at the moment for him to provide such a declaration, his attorney said. Under Spanish rules, a believe has the right to refuse to do so.