Singaporean ‘city boy’ quits job to play pro baseball in Japanese onsen town

Singaporean 'city boy' quits job to play pro baseball in Japanese onsen town

At the time, but, Ng had also effectively balloted for a new Build-To-Order cover even.

” When I wanted to go ( previously ), the finances were okay. But after I had to walk home, finances were a little tighter and my pocketbook depleted,” he said.

Ng’s girlfriend and those in his air power unit also showed him encouragement, which was encouraging.

” Everyone told me:’ Just go for it, do n’t look back’,” he recalled. That “almost assured me” and made me feel secure about my decision.

They all expressed their pride in me, he said.

And therefore Ng signed a season-long agreement in March after taking a leap of faith and receiving a pay cut of more than 70 %.


While Ng arrived in an uncomfortable atmosphere, there were common eyes.

At the most recent SEA Games, he played against some of his present friends from Indonesia. They won the bronze prize after defeating Singapore 10-4.

” During the first two days, we were talking about that activity every single day,” Ng laughed.

The conflict was” but powerful” back then but the newly-minted Singaporean and Indonesian friends are then “besties”, he said.

Ng may have problems fitting in with colleagues from other countries, according to some in the home country, but the Singaporean has n’t had little problem with that.

Additionally, the fact that he is not the first football person from his nation to go this route helped.

Kohei Wong, a partner, became the first Singaporean to play football professionally. signing a coaching agreement with Ibaraki Astro Planets next month. The group competes in another separate category, the  Baseball Challenge League.

He assured me not to worry too much that he had players from different leagues who had also played for me in the same category, Ng said.

He said,” Everyone in Singapore will support me, even though it will be difficult, but we talked about it.” “

However, it can be lonely in the land, admitted Ng, who was called” area child” by his ex-coach.

” My friends know that it will be a challenge for me, because I’m only here and there’s no evidence of acquaintance, no familiar encounters, no common speech,” he said.

They have been attempting to accommodate me by inviting me to eat ( with them ) in order to support me. “