Singapore, US announce new AI Talent Bridge programme focused on tech opportunities for women

Singapore, US announce new AI Talent Bridge programme focused on tech opportunities for women

Mrs. Teo noted that the green data center strategy, which was released on May 30 and aims to chart sustainable development while increasing the power of the data center, will allow for a 35 % capacity development. &nbsp,

Both nations agree that the development of AI, particularly conceptual AI, will provide new possibilities, including the ability to improve economic and social welfare and to promote more economical and environmentally sustainable economic growth.

” Our two governments recognise the great potential of AI for fine, including for the development of environmental conservation, knowledge, and healthcare”, added the brochure. &nbsp,

Almost 6, 000 US companies now operate in Singapore, with diplomatic business supporting near to 250, 000 work across the US. &nbsp,

” Technology investing in Singapore reached S$ 22 billion, the equivalent of US$ 16.3 billion in 2023, with the United States being the best foreign investor”, the brochure stated. &nbsp,

Existing and committed capital investments in AI by US companies over the next few years, in partnership with Singapore, exceed S$ 50 billion. &nbsp,

US companies are also investing in Singapore’s workforce, infrastructure, and research and development ( R&amp, D), including through establishing AI Centres of Excellence in line with Singapore’s National AI Strategy ( NAIS ) 2.0. &nbsp,

The government wants to more than triple the number of AI specialists in this country, to 15, 000 over the next three to five years, as part of NAIS 2.0, which was launched in December last month.

Firms from both nations have committed to working together to improve Singapore’s over 130, 000 employees ‘ AI skills. &nbsp,

Both nations have overseen the creation of new frameworks to maintain healthy use in order to address the issues brought by the quick, global proliferation of AI. &nbsp,

Both parties acknowledge that honesty concerns that can support the goals of AI governance structures should be taken into account when testing and evaluating AI technologies, according to the fact sheet.

Last year, Singapore unveiled a new management framework for relational AI, highlighting nine places where engineering management can be strengthened. &nbsp,

To improve the work on Iot safety and increase profitability for both countries, the US Department of Commerce and MCI will proceed to collaborate in this field. &nbsp,