Seven drones shot down over Myanmar capital: Junta

Seven drones shot down over Myanmar capital: Junta

In what appeared to be a rare attack on the regime’s center of power by its critics, Burmese security companies shot down seven robots over the military-built money Naypyidaw on Thursday ( Apr 4), the coup said.

The military’s ouster of Aung San Suu Kyi’s government in 2021 sparked renewed fighting with ethnic minority armed groups, as well as with pro- democracy” People’s Defence Forces” ( PDFs ) in areas previously untouched by decades of conflict in Myanmar.

The regime’s information group said in a statement that four drones that were approaching Naypyidaw aircraft and three drones that were approaching Zayarthiri town in the capital “were effectively shot down and destroyed.”

There was no harm or deaths, it added.

According to a cause at the airport who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media, Naypyidaw aircraft was partially closed after the event around 10am local period.

There were no deaths following the incident, the supply said.

They added that a weapon that had been carried by one of the robots was discovered and was recovered.

A destroyed, fixed-wing helicopter was allegedly seen lying on the tarmac and a big part of debris in a wooded area in photos released by the regime’s data group after the incident.

Local media reported that a File organization in the area claimed to have fired robots at military installations in Naypyidaw.

The party was unable to achieve AFP.