Myanmar capital military base attacked by drones, anti-junta group says

Myanmar capital military base attacked by drones, anti-junta group says

The People’s Defence Force ( PDF), a spokesperson for the NUG’s affiliate in Naypyitaw, claimed the attack was carried out on the orders of the NUG’s defense ministry and that it occurred at two locations, one of which was an air force base. It did not give specifics about the invasion.

The group’s first statement was not quickly available for details, and other NUG sources cited Reuters as a source for the NUG’s defense ministry.

A free alliance of ethnic minority rebels and so-called PDFs, a movement that was born out of the junta’s terrible crackdown on anti-coup protests, is at odds with the military in Myanmar.

In a nationwide address last year, the country’s newly elected president, who was appointed next year, called for unity among the people and the military to battle armed groups with international backing that were attempting to undermine elections. Last year, the country’s military-appointed president said the country was at risk of breaking off.

According to reports from news sources BBC Burmese and Khit Thit, the airport of the air force base had been closed to reduce weapons, according to unknown military and security officers. The airport is connected to the state’s civilian aircraft.

Unnamed sources from Mizzima’s news outlet reported that 16 robots were used to harm the military center and 13 were used in an airstrike on the bottom.

Reuters was not independently verify the information.