Senators ready to explain Pichit case

Senators ready to explain Pichit case

PM’s assistant urged to retire from politics

Senators ready to explain Pichit case
Pichit Chuenban, the PM’s business minister, raises his fist as he arrives at Government House on May 21. He eventually resigned. ( Photo: Chanat Katanyu )

If court officials request them, senators are prepared to address the Constitutional Court in connection with a petition challenging Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s visit of polar activist Pichit Chuenban as prime minister.

One of the 40 caregiver lawmakers who signed the petition, Prapan Koonmee, said the suit highlights the high ethical standards of government officials and the Supreme Court’s earlier ruling against Pichit for contempt of court in connection with an attempted corruption situation.

Another senator, Pol Gen Chatchawal Suksomjit, claimed that the 40 lawmakers are prepared to explain the situation if the Constitutional Court asks them to do so.

On Thursday, the Constitutional Court accepted a complaint seeking Mr Srettha’s resignation over Pichit’s session.

The 40 senators had previously requested from the Constitutional Court whether Mr. Srettha and Pichit should be fired from office in accordance with Sections 170( 4 ) and ( 5 ) of the charter, which regulate the ethics of cabinet ministers, pending a ruling on whether Mr. Srettha had violated the rules.

The visit of Pichit, who previously served as ex- excellent minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s attorney as well as Mr Srettha’s director, as PM’s Office chancellor has raised questions about his eligibility to function as a cabinet minister.

Because he was sentenced to prison for contempt of court when he represented Thaksin in a contentious area offer event in 2008 when he was a prosecutor for an attempted bribery situation.

After they attempted to pay Supreme Court officers by handing them a paper bag containing 2 million ringgit in income a month earlier, the Supreme Court sentenced Pichit and two of his associates to six months in prison on June 25, 2008.

In the Ratchadaphisek area circumstance, for which Thaksin received a two-year prison sentence in 2008, all three of Thaksin’s former partners, Khunying Potjaman na Pombejra and his ex-wife, were represented.

However, Chulapong Yukate, a Move Forward Party record MP, on Friday &nbsp, urged ex- deputy prime minister Wissanu Krea- ngam to leave politics for the sake of his health otherwise of advising the excellent minister in his constitutional battle.

Mr. Wissanu just announced that he needs liver transplantation.

” He may spend more time looking after his health”, Mr Chulapong, who was one of Mr Wissanu’s laws students at Chulalongkorn University, said.